Community Supported Baking

What is Community Supported Baking?

Community Supported Baking is not just about having a bakery on the High Street for people to go to buy loaves only as and when they need to. For a bakery to be Community Supported there must be a greater level of involvement and commitment, and there needs to be some blurring between the ‘me baker, you customer’ line. It is a partnership between baker and consumers where the responsibilities, risks and rewards of baking are shared.

Why set up a
Community Supported Bakery?

There are considerable benefits for the baker, customers and community in setting up a Community Supported Bakery.

For the baker, potential benefits include;

  • help from local people to set up a new bakery
  • source of capital investment in the form of loans for equipment
  • secure and predictable market
  • a supportive community and sense of belonging
  • practical help eg with distribution

For the customer, potential benefits include;

  • reliable source of good quality bread
  • connection to where your bread comes from
  • opportunity to learn about the traditional craft of bread-making
  • having a valuable resource in your local area
  • a stake in a community enterprise

For the community, potential benefits include;

  • development of the local area
  • boost to the local economy
  • opportunities for employment
  • fair-trade which means a fair price to the baker, the consumer and back through the supply chain


How to set up a
Community Supported Bakery?

There is no single model for how a Community Supported Bakery is set up. What is most important is that it operates in a way that works best for the people running it and using it in any given area. There are many different possible partnership configurations between the baker and community depending on the needs and offers of the parties involved.